Saturday, April 20, 2019

After the theft, the house was set on fire!

Six o'clock in the morning Ronnie Augustine Gomez was asleep in Savar's house. His mobile phone then rises. Ronnie Gomez grabbed the phone while sleeping The person who came from the other side of the phone said, 'Ronnie Dada, your house in Dhaka is on fire. There is smoke out from inside the house. 'Ronnie Gomez hired in East Rajabazar area. For 10 years, living in a four-storey house with his wife and a child. He is a non-government organization. Tomorrow Easter Sunday. On this occasion, his wife and child took her home in Savar.

Rony, who came home from the house without delay, was informed about the fire at the house. See, open the main gate of the house. Cut the grill of the two windows of the house. Interior air conditioning (AC) burnt in the house. Sofa set, TV, wardrobes have been burnt. Burning stains in two rooms fan The wall was burnt to the fire The inner white color of the cell contains ash color.

On Saturday afternoon at the house of Ronnie Gomez, all the furnishings burned in the roof of the house were found. Burned tv, burnt blanket Inside the house burnt wardrobes The electric melted fire in the fire. Ronnie Gomez said, the fire box kept in the kitchen got on the bed. He was missing a few bags of gold and thousand biscuits from the house. But he did not get his certificate of education and land records.

Usually thieves steal and run away. But Ronnie Gomez can not find the explanation of the incident of the house being stolen. Go to the office every morning, return home at night. Rony claims that he has no conflict with anyone.

Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Police Station sub-inspector (SI) Biswajit Sutradhar has been investigating the case of stealing and burning of the house. He said in the first light on mobile phone, he went to the spot. The house was set on fire. Why is this incident trying to uncover its mystery?

Kiran Kosta is the owner of the house where Roni Gomez is hired. Kiran's wife, Florence Casta, said in the first light of her house, that she was asleep in the early hours. From the house-to-house, I know that smoke from the house of Rony Gomez is coming out. Went there. See inside the house the fumes of fumes. Locking the main gate of the house. Then there is no way to get rid of the hammer. The people of the work poured water inside the house to bring the fire under control.

Rony Gomes has filed a general diary (GD) in Sher-e-Bangla Nagar thana for the trial of the fire after theft.

The main gate of the four-storey house is one. Which is always locked. There is no closed circuit camera at home. However, a caretaker and a security guard remain in the house at all times. The caretaker is Palash and security guard Mustafizur Rahman. Both of them live in a room next to the main gate of the ground floor.

Palash, the caretaker of the house, said, then in the early morning, He was asleep. A security guard at the adjacent house called him to sleep. Fire broke out in the four-storey house. Just about the same thing, the security guard of the house Mostafiz said.

The security guard who informed the news about the fire, his name is Lucas. In the house that was stolen, the security guard of the opposite side of the house. He said, he was at the gate early in the morning. A man from the nearby house came and told him that smoke was coming out from the house. Then he ran and informed the security guard of the house.

The landlord Florence Costa said, a pair of sandals were found in the back of the house. Their notion that the thieves have climbed the back pipe of the house. Home security guard Mustafiz showed that one pair of sandals. Green sandal Palash, the caretaker of the house, said that the pair of sandals he saw behind the house. His belief that the miscreants have been raised above the pipe. There are four pipe pneumatic pipe in the back of the house.

Regarding the incident of fire at Ronny Agustin Gomez's house, Officer-in-Charge of Sher-e-Bangla Nagar Police Station, Jen Alam Munshi said that he did not know about the incident of theft by burning his house. He is looking for.

Ronnie Gomez said, it was three days, so far no miscreants have been caught. He did not know why his house was set on fire.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police's Tejgaon Division Deputy Commissioner (DC) Biplob Kumar Sarkar told the first light on Saturday that he did not know the incident of theft by burning his house. However, the fire incident will be seriously investigated and the people involved will be brought to justice.

After fireing the house, Ronnie Augustine Gomez is in a house in Manipuri neighborhood. Ronnie Gomez said, he wanted to know why miscreants did this incident, he asked. Ronnie Agustin Gomez said, "I'm suffering from insecurity. I and my family members want security. I want justice to this incident. "

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