Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Attack in Sri Lanka Its Known Thats Not All

Last Sunday in Sri Lanka's history was a bloody day. The island was shaken by the horrific bombing that struck the island this day. At least 320 people were killed and 500 others were injured in the attacks in eight places, including three churches and three five-star hotels. Efforts to celebrate Easter celebrations of Easter celebrations have killed at least eight citizens.

The Sri Lankan government announced the announcement of emergency in the country on Monday to tackle the menace. At the same time, security forces are given special powers to arrest any citizen for the sake of interrogation. On the other hand, the curfew was imposed on Monday night in the capital Colombo. The main social media and messaging sites are closed. There is news of this narcotic attack. Lastly, the Islamic State (IS) militant claimed responsibility for the attack. However, the answer is not yet known. The New York Times released a detailed report on this.

Let us know that the attack on Sunday was unknown. Until now, the Sri Lankan government said Tuesday that two local militant organizations involved in the attack are involved in the attack. These are the National Towhidi Jamaat and Jamaiyatul Millatu Ibrahim. The authorities of the country said that they had attacked with the assistance of international militant groups. On the other hand, three days after militant outfit Islamic State, their spokesman Amak claimed responsibility for the attack. Although the IS did not provide any evidence against the attack

 National Touhidi Jamaat chief Mohammed Zaharan. Jahan is a known extremist, who spent most of his time in India and Sri Lanka. In recent years, Jahanar has been spreading malicious messages online.

• State Minister for Defense Ryan Bijervardan said in a speech in Parliament that Sri Lanka was attacked in retaliation for the attack on New York's Christchurch mosque. On the basis of a detective report, he commented. However, he did not present any quote or testimony in support of this.

• Sri Lanka's government acknowledged that 10 days before the attack, they received a warning from a foreign intelligence team. The Foreign Intelligence told that the National Towhidi Jamaat could carry out attacks targeting various churches in the country. Sri Lanka's intelligence force is considered to be a huge failure due to not being able to take action against the attack after receiving the warning.

 Sri Lankan security forces arrested at least 24 suspects in a few hours of the attack. The number of arrests was 40 on Tuesday It is said that the government has a constant eye on the group named Tauhidi Jamaat.

• On information gathered in the forensic examination, it is said that the Sunday attacks were committed by most single individuals. But two attacks in the Shangri-La Hotel in Colombo.

What is known about the attacks and the casualties
• Sunday bombings in three separate cities of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Initially, there were three attacks in three churches and three hotels. Then on Sunday afternoon there were two more attacks in the capital Colombo and its surroundings.
• The most horrific attack is in Saint-Sebastian church in Negombo, 20 kilometers away from Colombo. At least 104 people have been killed in that church.
• The country's authorities say, at least 38 foreigners were killed in this attack. Among the dead were citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, China, India and many other countries.

Still not known

• How two small and almost unidentified militant groups were able to carry out such a big and well planned attack, it still did not know that Sri Lankan law enforcement force
• Even if one or more terrorist networks in the world are involved in the Sunday attacks, then how much has it helped, it is still unknown.
• Sri Lankan government has not yet released the identities of 24 people detained in connection with suicide assailants and suspected involvement.

• After getting warnings of a possible attack, why the country's government failed to prevent attacks, the answer to this question was sought.
• The speculation has already begun with the failure of the attack to affect the government. Various sources state that the relations between the Sri Lankan President and the Prime Minister began to bitter.
• There was no fog on the latest situation of the injured. It is not known how many of the injured are in critical condition.

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