Saturday, April 20, 2019

Bangladesh-Afghanistan will not be defeated says Lara

Which four teams can play in the World Cup semi-final? Brian Lara-India, England could say the names of the possible four teams. The other two said that Bangladesh was dragged by the two people. Of course, the probability of playing in the last four is not in the sense. The Caribbean legend seems to be missing the West Indies when they go to the semifinals, like a team like Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

Lara, who came to India for comment on the IPL, said in an interview to the Times of India that he thought about the World Cup. Now this is the schedule of the tournament, each team will play against each other. The knockout phase starts from the last four. Lara, who could lead the last four, said, "Lara, who led India and England to this question," after each team played each other, I could not say who would be. When you want to know, England? Usually do not want to risk their name. They do not lose weight in important matches (laughter)! But this time the team looks good. They are India and I think these two teams are going to last four.

And the West Indies? One of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket, dragging Bangladesh in terms of his own team, said, 'I can not say the same about other parties. The West Indies will play consistently well. We have shown that we can defeat India and England. We can defeat any team in our day. But if they lose to the party like Bangladesh and Afghanistan, they will end their own possibilities. West Indies will have to avoid it (Bangladesh-Afghanistan rate). I would like to see them (Windies) in the semi-finals. "Lara feels like going to the semifinals, the West Indies will not lose to Afghanistan and Afghanistan.

Bangladesh-Afghanistan too will lose the Windies Why do not you think, Bangladesh won the one-day series against the West Indies twice in the one-fifth month, once in the West Indies soil last year. Last year the West Indies lost the Afghans won the final of the World Cup Selection Bangladesh-Afghanistan also keep the West Indies in their potential hazard.

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