Thursday, April 25, 2019

Break the house British singer

Hello music artist, the famous British singer Adele broke the house. Recently the husband decided to divide his wife Simon Connection with the highest honor of the Grammy. The singer's spokesperson confirmed the matter Friday. In 2016, Adele was secretly married. Prior to marriage, there was love for almost five years. Simon Conexi runs a charity organization. Everyone knows about their marriage in 2017. Adele was thanking the husband for giving a feeling of awards on the Grammy Award stage. On that day, the eyes of all eyes! Basically, all of the musicians know that, Adele has married.

Why was divorced? The couple did not say anything more about this. Just said that both of them want to be alone. None of the two agreed to say more than that. In 2012, Adele became the mother. Although both are separated from the husband, they will take care of seven-year-old son Angelo.

Musician Adele is very popular all over the world. His published albums include 'Nineteen', 'Twenty One' and 'Twenty Five'. Three albums have responded well. His first album 'Ninighteen' was released in 2008. Two of the albums 'Chasing Poverty' and 'Homestown Glory' are widely received. Even the songs in the United Kingdom music list topped the list.

Adele's second album 'Twenty-one' was rewarded. The album, which took place in the topchart of 30 countries including the United Kingdom, USA, His third album 'Twenty Five' broke sales record. The album sold approximately eight million copies in the first week of release. This was the highest-selling album of 2015.

Adele started her new album last month, and Adele started her new album last month. He is seen in a recording studio in New York. References: BBC

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