Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Face of Bangladesh 2019

The way to the end of April. At the time, April fools have been made Manasi After the announcement of the names of the four countries, the casual judges are very happy. Manasi Kanta Government could not be excluded Five people joining as South Asia's Asian face in South Korea's Seoul Festival of Festivals Sandalina Presents, 2009 Model Festival of Face of Bangladesh was selected through their competition. On Tuesday evening, in the Grand Ballroom of the La Meridian Hotel, there was a round round of 'Face of Bangladesh 2019'. After a month of training and fracture gaming for renowned models of the country, 20 young men and women took part in the final competition. About 5000 young people were selected from among them. They took part in fashion parade in different garments on the rails of Gala round. Among these dresses were T-shirt-denim, various types of top, skirt, gown, sari. The boys dressed in Punjabi, Blazer, Sarni, Sheet

Mehedi Hasan Palash and Sahila Majumder Nidhi runner up as face of Bangladesh Maruf Rahman and Shirin Sheela are the champions. Then the name of Mansi Kanta government was declared as the fifth winner. Apart from this, Nayeema Khandakar, Sahila Majumder Nidhi, Shahriar Tanvir, Shirin Sheela and Maruf Rahman were awarded $ 4,440 for the sponsoring organizations.

Citizen Television Chief Executive Abdun Noor Tushar gave the welcome address at the beginning of the program. He said, "In the coming days, Bangladesh will surpass the boundaries of its achievement." That's not just economic, from all sides. Those who go to Seoul through this competition, they will present Bangladesh's fashion industry. Showcase their history, heritage and culture with all countries. Hope this competition will take Bangladesh's fashion industry to another level.

First speech editor Motiur Rahman said, "The trend of taking modeling profession as a youth is increasing. Looking at them is astonished. Bangladesh has won in many different ways. The youth should be kept in front of this achievement. Our journey to the light of the future in the future. So we try to do whatever we do, young people. Such a competition is a great opportunity for our youngsters. '

"I welcome cultural exchange of the two countries in the process of taking models from Bangladesh through this competition," said E Shi Young, chairman of Asia Model Festival of Korea.

Speaking on the occasion, citizen televised chairman Rubana Haque said. In the speech, he recalled the dead in the Ranaplaza accident. In connection with this initiative of Face of Bangladesh, he said that we will welcome any initiative for branding Bangladesh in the world court. She said beauty does not come only from the beautiful skin made by makeup, beauty belongs to humanity.

At the ceremony, the civilization and his team, Jeffar, Phiroz Dancing Puja Sengupta Raheen and Jisnu play the song 'C' in guitar and saxophone.

'Face of Bangladesh 2019' has been organized to ensure the presence of Bangladeshi models in the world and fashion world modeling. The round five rounds of the country's top five models are set in rounds. The contestants seized their number from local and foreign judges by examining their own talent, beauty and fashion consciousness. The five contestants will go to South Korea. Walk on the main episode of the 14th edition of 'Asia Model Festival' organized on the ramp. More than 100 contestants from 27 countries in Asia will join.

Bangladesh's first global platform 'Face of Bangladesh' to highlight the young generation of Bangladesh in the world fashion and modeling world. The organization is hosting the company CrossWalk Communication, Citizen's Television and Korea Company Corban Company Limited.

On this occasion, the judge was poet and fictionist Anisul Huq, the artistic expert Kaniz Almas Khan, Chief of the Citizen Television, Abdun Noor Tushar, and Korean Uji Yong, Mundai Jing and Ansu King. Crosswac Communication, host of the tournament in Bangladesh.

'Face of Bangladesh 2019' is in collaboration with Prothom, Persona, Canvas, Meridian and Radio ABC.

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