Saturday, April 20, 2019

Kerosene poured jade on Nusrat

The accused Jabed Hossain said in the confessional statement about the killing of Nusrat Jahan Feni, the madrasa student of Nusrat Jahan Feni, that he cast kerosene on Nusrat. After that the fire was set. Another accused, Kamrun Nahar Mani, said that he was nabbed by Nusrat after being forced on the roof. Javed was wearing a burqa to conceal his identity. Javed and Mani gave confessional statement to Feni Senior Judicial Magistrate Sharaf Uddin Ahmed on Saturday. They told the information there.

Inspector Mohammed Shah Alam, the investigation officer of the case and police Bureau of Investigation (PBI), said Kamrun Nahar Mani was arrested on April 16 and taken to the five day remand for the next day. He provided three burqas for men who participated in the murder. On the other hand, Jabed Hossain alias Sakhawat Hossain Jabed was arrested on April 13 and was taken seven days remand by the court on the same day. On Friday, he was produced in the court again on Friday for a three-day remand.

Jabed Hossain and Kamrun Nahar Moni were the students of the Madrasa Alim examination and Nusrat's classmate.

Earlier, five accused Nur Uddin, Shahadat Hossain Shamim, Abdur Rahim Sharif, Abdul Kader and Umm Sultana Poppy filed confessional statements under section 164 in the killing of Nusrat. They confessed that they were directly involved in the killing of Nusrat.

According to the court-related sources, those who have given statements under section 164 before, according to the information given in the court, decided to set fire to Nusrat on the advice and direction of the madrasa principal Siraj Uddaula. After the arrest of Principal Siraj, the accused, many times, met him in Feni Jail more than once. According to the advice of the Principal, the 'Principal Sahib Mukti Parishad' meeting was held at 10am on April 4 at Madrasa. On the same day at 10pm, the meeting again was held at the madrasa teacher Kader's bedroom.

In the meeting, 12 people including Jabed were present. The main plot of the murder was made. Before the April 6th plan, there were some madrassas, who were in charge of monitoring the examinations, including Kader, Nur Uddin, Rana, Abdur Rahim alias Sharif and Imran. Nusrat was taken to the roof of a cyclone shelter and tied his hands and legs with five legs in the case of kerosene poured fire. Three men and two women were among them. Shahadat Hossain alias Shamim, Jobair Ahmed, Jabed Hossain and three men wearing borca. Among the women, Umme Sultana was aka Poppy and Kamrunnahar alias Mani. Outside the madrassa gate, Madrasa teacher was in the guard of Afsahar. Under the cyclone shelter Shamim, Mohiuddin Shakil were two guards.

A total of 21 people have been arrested so far in the Nusrat murder case.

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