Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Kim-Putin in the meeting

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin will be held on Thursday. Kremlin official Yuri Ushakov said Tuesday that the meeting will be held in Russia's eastern city of Vladivostok. According to Yuri Ushakov, the Reuters news agency said two leaders will discuss the issue of nuclear weapons in meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The issue of political and diplomatic solutions to this issue is important. The visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is very important in this regard.

Yuri Ushakov said that due to sanctions on Pyongyang, Russia's bilateral trade with North Korea dropped 56 percent last year. Both North Korea and the United States are keen to maintain interaction In this situation, Moscow thinks it is important to consult with North Korea.

Earlier, US North Korean special envoy Stephen Bignon went to Russia for a possible meeting between Kim Un and Vladimir Putin. The US administration is keen to sit in the third meeting with Kim Jong-un. In this situation, Kim Un will discuss the possibility of a possible third meeting if he is in talks with the Russian President, the US administration thinks.

Meanwhile, the information on the North Korean nuclear program has started in a new program in Yongbyon. While discussing satellite imagery and discussing such a program, Kim-Putin's possible meeting comes forward. The first information comes from South Korea. On April 16, South Korean Deputy Secretary Kim In-Hair said in a statement: "Seoul has learned that a meeting between the two leaders of Russia and North Korea is underway."

So far Kim Keon did not meet Putin. Last year, with a trip to Trump, in Singapore, Kim Un had met Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. At the same time, when the withdrawal from the nuclear program, Russia called for a step-by-step ban on North Korea. And this is the case for the meeting of top leaders of both countries. The meeting, which was discussed earlier, could be heard in China, but later on Portland, Vladivosth could be said to have said However, the website was heard on April 18 as the possible date of the meeting. The meeting is scheduled to be held on April 25, but the location is one.

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