Thursday, April 25, 2019

Kohli has behaved with Ashwin!

Virat Kohli is always aggressive on the field of play Love the opponent. A scene that was seen in the IPL on Thursday. However, Kings XI's attitude towards Kohli's second game against Punjab in the last over was also questioned.

Punjab needed 27 runs in the last over to win against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Captain Ravichandran Ashwin hit six sixes in the last over of Umesh Yadav's first over. In the next straight, it was the same result in the straight regions. From the side of Kohli's borders, easily catch the Ashwin catch Lu Fay. If the matter is still there, the discussion would not have been born. But Kohli picked up his hand with a catch in front of the pitch, which seems to be seen, indicating to Ashwin, 'It played a shot?'

Poor Ashwin did not respond directly to the response. But before the field, the first of the two bowl of the gloves was thrown in front of the team's dug-out. Finally, his team lost 17 runs. At the end of the match, Ashwin was questioned by Kohli at the end of the match. Punjab captain, however, did not see any fault in this. Rather, the emotional nature of Kohli like him about the game reminds him again, 'That's exactly what I play with emotions.'

However, many of the cricket enthusiasts have not seen Kohli's 'sold-off' good eye. One comment on Twitter, 'Kohli did not like the reaction of Ashwin. He needs to learn how to behave in the field. So much offensive attitude will not be good for the Indian team. '

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