Saturday, April 20, 2019

May be the mayor depends on the Prime Minister

Chairman of Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) Abdu Salam said that the future of the Chittagong City Corporation mayor will not be based on the party chief and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. However, the dream of a political worker is to become a member of parliament, minister and upazila chairperson. And as long as people live, they have a dream. In response to queries from journalists on Saturday afternoon, CDA chairman Abdus Salam said this.

The meeting was organized at the Hotel Well Park in his family owned GEC Indoor in Chittagong City. Chittagong City Awami League Treasurer Abdouk Salam has stepped down from the post of Chairman of the CDA on 23 April after completing 10 years of office. Chhatra Nagar Awami League Vice-Chairman M Zahirul Alam Doubsh will take charge of the new chairman.

Asked whether he would dream of being mayor of Chittagong in future, CDA Chairman Abdus Salam said, "I had no such dream that I would be the chairman of the CDA. Opportunity is very important. When I get the job, I will continue to do that. No terms are available on the basis of choice or unwillingness. It depends on people's mandates and government decisions. The leader (Prime Minister) wishes, whether or not I will be the Mayor, depends on what my leader wants. The opportunity is actually Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah does not have the opportunity I have no pain. '

In the Chittagong City Corporation elections on April 28, 2015, Abdur Salam tried to get nomination as mayor. But the nomination of the corporation corporation mayor elected Nagar Awami League General Secretary AJM Nasir Uddin. Then there were differences between the two organizations.

Meanwhile, the current mayor will end in July next year. There is an obligation of election within 180 days of the expiration date. Accordingly, the city corporation elections will be held between February and July next year.

Responding to another question at the meeting, city's Awami League Treasurer Abdouk Salam said, "There is a dream of a political worker to become MP, to be a minister, to be chairman of the upazila chair-councilor. I also wanted to be a MP, I fought for that. But why did Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina choose me as the chairman of the CDA, I do not know. '

Before becoming the CDA chairman, Salam wanted the nomination of Awami League from Chittagong-8 (Boalkhali-Chandgaon) constituency in the 2008 parliamentary elections. But the seat then left Jasad Moin Uddin Khan Badal, the Awami League. In the Tenth and Eleventh National Parliament elections, Badal won the election by casting a boat symbol.

During the last ten years, he has worked in four important issues, said Abdouk Salam. These are water logging and traffic congestion, world-class tourism cities and Chittagong as commercial capital.

The work of four projects of three organizations is going on at Tk 10 billion to reduce the waterlogging. The CDA chairman said that if these projects are implemented, Chittagong City citizens get rid of the damages of water logging within three to four years. However, this year, water logging is not possible.

The CDA chairman did not agree to comment on the criticisms of Chittagong-bound flyovers. His claim, now flyers are responding to criticism.

During the discharge, the construction of 5 new roads and extension of 100 kilometer road has been stated, the CDA chairman said. Work to build world-class tourist centers in Patenga beach area of ​​the city.

Asked whether there is any failure during the duties, chairman Abdus Salam said that people do not see any failure in their work. Others will judge it.

New chairman of CDA M Zahirul Alam expressed the hope that the Prime Minister's decision will prove to be right, the outgoing chairman said. He assured them of all-round cooperation.

CDA board member and corporation councilor Giasuddin and Hasan Murad Biplob, architect Ashik Imran, Mohammad Jasim Uddin Shah, KBM Shahjahan, MA Azim and Rumana Nasrin were present at the meeting.

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