Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Protect for a little

Easter Sunday special festival was held in Saint-Sebastian's church in Negombo, Sri Lanka. Many religious people have already reached the place there. Dilip Fernando goes to the church with the family at around 7:30 in the morning. They were late for a while. Seeing the crowd quite crowded. Dilip decided to go to another church after seeing so many people. He has been rescued by his family. The explosion happened shortly after leaving. On Sunday, there were three major incidents of blast in three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka. At least 290 people were killed.

Among these three churches are St. Sebastianus. Many people were killed in the blast incident. Today, on Monday morning, Dilip came to this church again. He came to the heart. He stood there again today in the place where he stood. The AFP retired officer said, "Yesterday I and my wife reached this church at 7:30 in the morning. There was too much crowd, I could not even stand. So go to another church. '

When Dilip and his wife leave, the other members of his family decide to leave. Dilip also had two grandchildren. They were not sitting there waiting to sit outside the church. At that time they saw a young man. Inside the church with a very heavy bag. They believe that these youths carried out suicide attacks. The gentle-looking young man put his hands on Dilip's grandson's head to go. The explosion occurred almost immediately after he entered.

Dilip said, "My grandmother said that the young man would be 30 years old. Very handy look There was no excitement, there was no fear. He was very cool. Immediately after the young man entered, the blast took place. '

After the explosion, Dilip's family members escaped. Everyone was very scared. Call Dilip about the incident by phone.

Dilip's village is now a village of mourning. Huge affluence of human beings in mourning He said, "The Roman Catholic community of Sri Lanka's minority community. We only have 6 percent of the total population. But we are not afraid. If the church opens this morning, then today we will enter inside. We are not afraid. We will not let the terrorists win. Not in any way. '

Dilip hopes that there will be no terrorist attacks to take revenge on this incident. He said, 'The revenge is in vain. Resist the government's responsibility and any eventuality if it is feared. This is not ours. '

Criticizing the government, Dilip said, the government had no such steps to get the fear of the attack.

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