Saturday, April 20, 2019

Shabana meet in New York

Shabana, the legendary filmmaker of Dhaka cinema, is now seen as difficult. Some people say that he is now the moon of Eid. Suddenly peeps, and where else do they mix. Shabana, who passed away 19 years earlier, tried to come to the country every year. Return the necessary tasks to fly again. Last time he came to the country two years ago. Of course, the first light of the service is open to him. Then did not come again. Shawana was recently caught in New York by actress Misha Sodagir. Was accompanied by Shabana's husband film producer Wahid Sadiq.

Shabana is sitting on the queen acting of the millions of Bengalis, although she is farewell to acting So when he is seen somewhere, fans-visitors do not even have the interest of the media. After acting, Shabana is now a resident of New Jersey, USA. The husband and the child are staying there. If you are close to the country, you will meet with Shabana's family. Recently, Misha Sodagar went to the United States with many artists to participate in the Dhauliud Award. He returned to Dhaka last night. Before coming to the meeting on April 17 met Shabana and her husband. They eat dinner together in the Ozone Park area. On the way to Shabana's home and return to the hotel, Mashika kept New York moment in Selfi. Posting the image on Facebook, Misha wrote 'The Legend, The Lessons'.

In 1986, Misha Soudagar started acting in the film by competing with BFDC's 'new face search' competition. The first film director Chhotku Ahmed's 'Chetna'. Although acting as a hero in this film, he himself established himself as a villain. According to Mishra, the film 'Swami Ki Aasami', produced by Shabana, gives him the most popularity.

Misha said, 'My unborn loan to Shabana Apra He has played the biggest role in making me a successful mascot. Although I am out of the country, I have regular contact with his family. I did not want to miss the opportunity to spend time with them in the United States. I think, as long as I am with Apa and Dulabhai, I will learn a lot. Expressions of time spent with him can not be expressed.

At the age of eight years, Shabana named for the film. He worked as a child artist in the film 'New Surya' directed by Ehtesham. She then started acting heroine in the film 'Chanchoi'. The rest is history.

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