Saturday, April 20, 2019

Swechchhasebak League leader cut the leg of the worker!

Brahmanbaria Banchcharampur Upazila Swechchhasebak League vice president Abul Bashar has been charged with cutting a leg of a worker. Police detained four people in this incident. But the original accused could not be arrested yet. The incident happened at Ruposadi village in the upazila on Friday afternoon.

The injured person's name is Kala Mia (45). In the same incident, his son Biplob Mia (19) was seriously injured and severely injured. The injured boy and son were admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. However, the volunteer League leader denied the charges brought against him. Locals, families of the injured and police sources said that Malik was having a dispute with Kala Mia for a long time with the opposition leader Abul Bashar. Three months ago, the houses of Kala Mia burnt in the fire on the incident of a robbery of Ruposadi village. In the incident, Kala Mia filed a case against the 15-20 people headed by Abul Bashar. From there, the beginning of the conflict between them. Then Kala Mia came to Dhaka with his family.

Recently they returned home. Salma Begum, wife of Kala Mia, said in the first light on Saturday, "I would urge my son to go to work due to the conflict of the two businessmen. Nevertheless, Bashar threatened. Later, we called for an arbitration meeting in the area. But not resolved. "Salma Begum also said her husband once used to work for Abul Bashar's team in the area. But after the house was burnt with the slander of theft, husband and son traveled with others. Abul Bashar could not accept this issue.

The alleged volunteer League leader Abul Bashar said on mobile phone, "I am staying in Dhaka. I cut the feet of Kala Mia, this allegation is not correct. As far as I could hear, he went to steal a house in our village. The people and the locals of the house beat him. But what happened next, I do not know.

Witnesses, families of injured and police sources said that on Friday afternoon, Abul Bashar and his people took Kala Mia and his son Biplob Mia from their house to Kandapara area of ​​Ruposadi village. Abul Bashar and his people beat Kala and his son in the street after killing him there. At one stage, the right leg of Kala Mia was cut off to the bottom of the knee. And his son Biplob was pierced under the right hand elbows. Later, the attackers cut off the veins of the two legs of the revolution.

Kala Mia, injured in the evening on Friday evening, told reporters, "Basha and his men from the house, take the dikaiya (bentaiya), give me Kunda Kupaiya kupayya dhoya powders (legs) knees up from the knees to the kita. I'll give back the heera or powda (foot) to fugue (dry). Abul Bashar, Dhan Mia, Moni member, Anar Hossain, Amadul, Ali and others, who are involved in cutting my legs (legs). '

Bancharampur Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md. Salahuddin Chowdhury said, "Police have conducted a manned search operation from last night till Saturday noon. It is medieval barbarism. Four suspects detained for interrogation Kala Mia's family has been asked to file a lawsuit. A SI has been sent to Dhaka to take the statement of the injured. "The OC also said that the clearest legs of Kala Mia have not yet been found. The operation is going on for foot.

On the other hand, Abul Bashar was expelled from the party post on Saturday night by a press release signed by the president of the Swachchasebak League, Hasan Bhuiyan and general secretary Al Amin at Bancharampur Upazila. Convener of the District Volunteer League and Vice Chairman of Sadar Upazila Parishad Lokman Hossain said in the first light that this was a very disgusting incident. Do not take any personal liability volunteer league. The party's image was damaged for such hateful acts.

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