Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The attackers are not local or international?

Seven suicide bombers participated in a series of bomb attacks in Sri Lanka. On Monday, a senior investigative officer in the country gave the information. AFP quoted the country's cabinet spokesman Rajitha Senaratna as saying that local militant Islamist group National Towhid Jamaat (NTJ) was involved in the attack. Investigation is going on, whether any international group has helped them. Reuters also quoted Senaratna as saying that the attacks involved international networks. Local teams can not attack this way.

 Reuters reports that senior forensic department of Sri Lanka's government's forensic department, Ariananda Veliyaanga, said that two attacking bombs in Colombo's luxurious Sanagri-La Hotel were suicide bombers. Other attackers targeted three churches and two other hotels. The attacks were also targeted at the fourth hotel and a house in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo's suburbs. But it is not yet known how the attacks have taken place. Wellianganga said the investigation is still underway in the incident. Four bombs were attacked at three hotels and churches in the local time on Sunday 8:45 am. Two more bomb attacks occurred in the next 20 minutes. Fourth hotel and a house bombs were attacked in the afternoon. According to police information, AFP reported that the number of people killed in the attack reached 290. The BBC said 36 of them were foreigners. 24 people were arrested in this incident. Nobody took responsibility for the attack. A staffer from Kingston told Reuters, "The guests came for morning breakfast. Only blood and blood on the floor there after the attack. '

AFP reported that Sri Lankan cabinet spokesman Rajitha Senaratne said that the country's government thinks that the local extremist Islamist group NTJ is involved in a deadly suicide attack. The government investigation is going on whether the international community has supported or cooperated with NTJ.
According to Reuters, Senaratne said, "We do not believe any group inside the country has carried out this attack. The attacks involved international networks. Without such an international network, such attacks would not have been successful.

AFP said Sri Lanka's police chief warned about the April 11 attack. It is said by the Foreign Intelligence Agency, that the extremist Islamist group is plotting to attack NTJ churches and the Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka. A source in the police told AFP that 24 members of the extremist group detained after the attack were members of the extremist group. There was no specific information about this.

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