Saturday, April 20, 2019

The demand to remove discrimination in terms

Khulna has a human chain demanding the change of the post of assistant assistant and high officials of different government organizations to the administrative officer. Today, Khulna Divisional Committee of the Unity Council of Bangladesh Administrative Officer Implementation of the human chain by the human chain in Picture Palace on Saturday. The central president of the organization. In the chairmanship of Basharul Huq general secretary. Shahidullah, the head of the government departments, high officials and high officials of the association participated. Speakers of the human chain said that the rank and post of the Chief Assistant, High Quality Assistant and Assistant post and salary scale of government departments inside and outside the Bangladesh Secretariat was one and the same.

Despite this, in 1995, 1997 and 1999, the government issued a notification and upgraded only the posts of secretariat and changed the post of administrative officer. The title was upgraded to the tenth grade on the national pay scale. As a result, the postal and wage discrimination among government departments has been created. In this continuation, those posts of Public Service Commission, University Grants Commission, Bangladesh Supreme Court and Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation have also been upgraded. But those posts in other offices of the National Salary Scale have remained the same as before.

The speakers said that the government has already upgraded the post of senior assistant, assistant assistant teacher of government secondary school, primary school teacher, block supervisor of agricultural department, diploma engineer of engineering department, nurse, auditor, food inspector, police department inspector and sub-inspector Has done. And the administrative order has broken down. The less educated qualified people have been elevated. That is why the next generation is losing interest in higher education.

They immediately demanded the termination of the term for discrimination. Like other departments, call them to be upgraded as administrative officer. They think they will also get rid of wages due to their remuneration removed.

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