Thursday, April 25, 2019

We won 33 league titles how many have won ?

Real Madrid ended before the season ended Zinedine Zidane's team did not run the league with the leap from the Champions League. In the league table, Barcelona are ahead by 16 points ahead of Real Madrid. The win is just a matter of time for Barca. Under such circumstances, Real Madrid face Real Madrid tonight.

Naturally the question was that the real time could not win the league, what next plan in the next season? Zidane said the first goal would be to win the league in the coming season. Barca topped with 34 points in 34 matches. In their equal match, the second atletico Madrid, with 71 points, third Real with 64 points, third Real. Barca is in the process of winning the 26th league title. It will be their fourth league title in the last five seasons. Needless to say that in recent domestic season, Real is not able to cope with their antagonists.

Although Zidane acknowledged the question, how many wins Barca? Zidane feels La Liga title is the most important for Real. Barça's dominance in the league in recent years will not be able to diminish Real's status, the team's coach feels. Ziaidan told the media, "La Liga is very important. It's like everyday matters Zidane's question is, "We won 33 trophies (leagues), how many wins have won?" Although accepting the recent dominance of Barça, Zidane is looking at the rich history of Real, 'It is true that in the past few years they are great Is doing We have to admit it. But there are many more titles in our history. This is the most important title for me to fight (La Liga). '

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