Thursday, April 25, 2019

April 25, 2019

Break the house British singer

Hello music artist, the famous British singer Adele broke the house. Recently the husband decided to divide his wife Simon Connection with the highest honor of the Grammy. The singer's spokesperson confirmed the matter Friday. In 2016, Adele was secretly married. Prior to marriage, there was love for almost five years. Simon Conexi runs a charity organization. Everyone knows about their marriage in 2017. Adele was thanking the husband for giving a feeling of awards on the Grammy Award stage. On that day, the eyes of all eyes! Basically, all of the musicians know that, Adele has married.

Why was divorced? The couple did not say anything more about this. Just said that both of them want to be alone. None of the two agreed to say more than that. In 2012, Adele became the mother. Although both are separated from the husband, they will take care of seven-year-old son Angelo.

Musician Adele is very popular all over the world. His published albums include 'Nineteen', 'Twenty One' and 'Twenty Five'. Three albums have responded well. His first album 'Ninighteen' was released in 2008. Two of the albums 'Chasing Poverty' and 'Homestown Glory' are widely received. Even the songs in the United Kingdom music list topped the list.

Adele's second album 'Twenty-one' was rewarded. The album, which took place in the topchart of 30 countries including the United Kingdom, USA, His third album 'Twenty Five' broke sales record. The album sold approximately eight million copies in the first week of release. This was the highest-selling album of 2015.

Adele started her new album last month, and Adele started her new album last month. He is seen in a recording studio in New York. References: BBC
April 25, 2019

Avengers Endgame: No one will return without a ticket

Take a look at the advance tickets for Avengers Endgame. Fans were gathering from the last night on Wednesday, outside Bashundhara city shopping mall in the capital. Today, on Thursday, the line for the ticket went up in Bashundhara city shopping mall on the street outside. On the other hand, the same condition was in the Star Cineplex border. Marvel-Fans take the line from six in the morning. At one time, starting from the border square, the line went away in Dhanmondi 2 block.

'Avengers: Endgame', the last picture of the 'Avengers' franchisee of Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the past, all the records in the United Kingdom, UK, China, India and other countries including 'Endgame' In advance this morning, tickets from this movie were sold in Dhaka

Star cineplex has to start their activities from eight o'clock in the morning due to the pressure of the audience, although the advance tickets are scheduled to start at 9:30 in the morning. Thousands of visitors took the position to buy a ticket outside the shopping mall from deep night. Under the pressure of the audience, the gate of Bashundhara City shopping mall has to be opened at seven in the morning. And then only the war started in war. A walk through the stairs and walks through the ticket counters to the visitors. At that time, it is said that Riyad Morshed, who came to Farmgate for the ticket at 5:00 am He said, 'There was something that I already knew would happen. So we are ready. Do not go home without ticket No matter how long it may be. 'Not only Riyadh, the rest of the' Avengers' surrounded by fans- Anyway, I want a ticket.

Law enforcement agencies of Bashundhara City shopping mall took part in the morning at 9am to cope with the crowd. Not only Dhaka, many visitors came out from different districts outside Dhaka to get tickets for this photo. Star Cineplex authorities said that today's mid-afternoon between the end of Friday midnight and Saturday's 34 show tickets.

The film will be shown in two branches of the capital's Star CinePlace in Dhaka, blockbuster cinemas of Jamuna Future Park and Silver Screen of Chittagong. Actor Joe Rousseau and Anthony Rousseau, Avengers: Endgame, starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johanson, Mark Raflos, and a star.
April 25, 2019

Preparation is over waiting today afternoon

Artist Armin Musa was dressed in the evening. The song 'did not understand the world, nor do you understand you sing' They were checking sound by singing this song of the note band. Today, the Meril-Prothom Alo Award is being organized by their performance. For the last time the machines do not bend, that is why the practice of instruments and words. But they will sing or dance? That is not to be a surprise. On the occasion of the 'Meril-Prothom Alo Awards 20138', the artists who spent the whole day preparing for the whole day, who will be taking part in today's dance-songs, along with many other performances. In the evening on Thursday, there are Bengali artists of Bengal tradition. They are preparing to return home after packing machines in the black bag of shoulders. This group will be heard today by classical music.

Sohag Dans was watching the performance of the artists of the company. He will also be seen in a different way on the stage of the Meril-Pradhan Prakash Puraskar. The last exercise was waiting for Parimoni, Tama Mirza, Mumtahina Tia, Tanzin Tees and many others. Toya was able to make videos through the Tikkaq app by friends and colleagues at the end of practice. His joy spreads among other artists and organizers.

'Meril-Prothom Alo Award-2018' will be given today for the best work of the culture and entertainment sector. The 21st edition is being held at the Hall of Fame at Bangabandhu International Conference Center in city's Sher-e-Bangla Nagar at 5:50 pm.

In the presence of the leading stars of the country, this arrangement will be turned into a splendid performance and in the Milan Mela. The young, old and famous stars of the country will be present at the ceremony. This year, a great artist will be given 'Life Honor' to contribute to the country's culture and entertainment. The first light readers will be voted for the 'Star Survey Award' for movies, television and music, and judges will be given 'Critic Award'. Every year the award will be given to the best young actor, who will be selected by the reader's vote. The winning stars will tell their winning rewards.

Dancing, singing and junk performances of stars will be on the verge of giving away prizes. Walking around the red carpet, the stars will enter the original auditorium of the Hall of Fame. Each time this part adds a different dimension to this event.

In order to join the Merrill-Prothom Alo Prize for this year, guests have been asked to take seats in the afternoon on Friday. The part of the event will be seen later on Maasranga Television.

The latest news and pictures of the Meril-Prothom Alo Awards ceremony will be available on the first light online and Facebook page. This program is only for invited guests of the Meril-Prothom Alo Awards.
April 25, 2019

Kohli has behaved with Ashwin!

Virat Kohli is always aggressive on the field of play Love the opponent. A scene that was seen in the IPL on Thursday. However, Kings XI's attitude towards Kohli's second game against Punjab in the last over was also questioned.

Punjab needed 27 runs in the last over to win against Royal Challengers Bangalore. Captain Ravichandran Ashwin hit six sixes in the last over of Umesh Yadav's first over. In the next straight, it was the same result in the straight regions. From the side of Kohli's borders, easily catch the Ashwin catch Lu Fay. If the matter is still there, the discussion would not have been born. But Kohli picked up his hand with a catch in front of the pitch, which seems to be seen, indicating to Ashwin, 'It played a shot?'

Poor Ashwin did not respond directly to the response. But before the field, the first of the two bowl of the gloves was thrown in front of the team's dug-out. Finally, his team lost 17 runs. At the end of the match, Ashwin was questioned by Kohli at the end of the match. Punjab captain, however, did not see any fault in this. Rather, the emotional nature of Kohli like him about the game reminds him again, 'That's exactly what I play with emotions.'

However, many of the cricket enthusiasts have not seen Kohli's 'sold-off' good eye. One comment on Twitter, 'Kohli did not like the reaction of Ashwin. He needs to learn how to behave in the field. So much offensive attitude will not be good for the Indian team. '
April 25, 2019

Pakistan is one of Indias best players in the ICC World Cup team

World Cup in the middle The best cricket tournament will be played in England on 30th May. Before that, the world's best team was selected by the famous press ESPNcricinfo It does not have any cricketer in Bangladesh. Five people have got place from the subcontinent Of these, two cricketer has got place from Pakistan and Sri Lanka. And a cricketer has been selected from India.

India's 'One' Sachin Tendulkar Indian legend will open this team with Adam Gilchrist. Three Australian, West Indian and Sri Lanka-Ricky Ponting, Viv Richards and Kumar Sangakkara Both the six and the two all-rounders. Meanwhile, Pakistan's legendary all-rounder Imran Khan will captain the team. The captain of the 6th place is 1992 World Cup winning captain. South Africa's Lance Klusener Toughly the best left-arm pacer Wasim Akram in cricket history.

Three specialist bowlers are naturally in the tail end. The three of them have made themselves rich in the history of cricket with the ball themselves. Shane Warne, Muttiah Muralitharan and Glenn McGrath Two Australians and one Sri Lankan. Four specialist bowlers and two all-rounders have been named CrickInfo's best ever World Cup team.

A total of 22 employees from Cricinfo have selected this eleven. A total of 39 players were initially nominated. Wasim Akram, the only cricketer to be included in the list of 22 crew After the 10th place in the eleventh, there was a fight between Kumar Sangakkara, Sanath Jayasuriya, Steve Waugh, Kapil Dev and AB de Villiers. In the end, Sangakkara torn apart Shi. Only three players in this eleventh tournament have participated in the World Cup before the 1992 World Cup - Viv Richards, Imran Khan and Wasim Akram.

Cricinfo's World Cup XI:

Adam Gilchrist (wicketkeeper): 31 matches, 1085 runs, 36.16 average, 52 dismissals

Sachin Tendulkar: 45 matches, 2278 runs, 56.95 average, 6 centuries

Ricky Ponting: 46 matches, 1743 runs, 45.86 average, 5 centuries

Viv Richards: 23 matches, 1013 runs, 63.31 average, 3 centuries

Kumar Sangakkara: 37 matches, 1532 runs, 56.74 average, 5 centuries

Imran Khan (captain): 28 matches, 666 runs, 35.05 batting averages, 34 wickets, 19.26 bowling averages

Lance Klusener: 14 matches, 372 runs, 124 batting averages, 22 wickets, 22.23 bowling averages

Wasim Akram: 38 matches, 55 wickets, 23 83 bowling averages

Shane Warne: 17 matches, 32 wickets, 19.50 bowling averages

Muttiah Muralitharan: 40 matches, 68 wickets, 19.63 bowling averages

Glenn McGrath: 39 matches, 71 wickets, 18.19 bowling averages
April 25, 2019

We won 33 league titles how many have won ?

Real Madrid ended before the season ended Zinedine Zidane's team did not run the league with the leap from the Champions League. In the league table, Barcelona are ahead by 16 points ahead of Real Madrid. The win is just a matter of time for Barca. Under such circumstances, Real Madrid face Real Madrid tonight.

Naturally the question was that the real time could not win the league, what next plan in the next season? Zidane said the first goal would be to win the league in the coming season. Barca topped with 34 points in 34 matches. In their equal match, the second atletico Madrid, with 71 points, third Real with 64 points, third Real. Barca is in the process of winning the 26th league title. It will be their fourth league title in the last five seasons. Needless to say that in recent domestic season, Real is not able to cope with their antagonists.

Although Zidane acknowledged the question, how many wins Barca? Zidane feels La Liga title is the most important for Real. Barça's dominance in the league in recent years will not be able to diminish Real's status, the team's coach feels. Ziaidan told the media, "La Liga is very important. It's like everyday matters Zidane's question is, "We won 33 trophies (leagues), how many wins have won?" Although accepting the recent dominance of Barça, Zidane is looking at the rich history of Real, 'It is true that in the past few years they are great Is doing We have to admit it. But there are many more titles in our history. This is the most important title for me to fight (La Liga). '

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

April 23, 2019

Face of Bangladesh 2019

The way to the end of April. At the time, April fools have been made Manasi After the announcement of the names of the four countries, the casual judges are very happy. Manasi Kanta Government could not be excluded Five people joining as South Asia's Asian face in South Korea's Seoul Festival of Festivals Sandalina Presents, 2009 Model Festival of Face of Bangladesh was selected through their competition. On Tuesday evening, in the Grand Ballroom of the La Meridian Hotel, there was a round round of 'Face of Bangladesh 2019'. After a month of training and fracture gaming for renowned models of the country, 20 young men and women took part in the final competition. About 5000 young people were selected from among them. They took part in fashion parade in different garments on the rails of Gala round. Among these dresses were T-shirt-denim, various types of top, skirt, gown, sari. The boys dressed in Punjabi, Blazer, Sarni, Sheet

Mehedi Hasan Palash and Sahila Majumder Nidhi runner up as face of Bangladesh Maruf Rahman and Shirin Sheela are the champions. Then the name of Mansi Kanta government was declared as the fifth winner. Apart from this, Nayeema Khandakar, Sahila Majumder Nidhi, Shahriar Tanvir, Shirin Sheela and Maruf Rahman were awarded $ 4,440 for the sponsoring organizations.

Citizen Television Chief Executive Abdun Noor Tushar gave the welcome address at the beginning of the program. He said, "In the coming days, Bangladesh will surpass the boundaries of its achievement." That's not just economic, from all sides. Those who go to Seoul through this competition, they will present Bangladesh's fashion industry. Showcase their history, heritage and culture with all countries. Hope this competition will take Bangladesh's fashion industry to another level.

First speech editor Motiur Rahman said, "The trend of taking modeling profession as a youth is increasing. Looking at them is astonished. Bangladesh has won in many different ways. The youth should be kept in front of this achievement. Our journey to the light of the future in the future. So we try to do whatever we do, young people. Such a competition is a great opportunity for our youngsters. '

"I welcome cultural exchange of the two countries in the process of taking models from Bangladesh through this competition," said E Shi Young, chairman of Asia Model Festival of Korea.

Speaking on the occasion, citizen televised chairman Rubana Haque said. In the speech, he recalled the dead in the Ranaplaza accident. In connection with this initiative of Face of Bangladesh, he said that we will welcome any initiative for branding Bangladesh in the world court. She said beauty does not come only from the beautiful skin made by makeup, beauty belongs to humanity.

At the ceremony, the civilization and his team, Jeffar, Phiroz Dancing Puja Sengupta Raheen and Jisnu play the song 'C' in guitar and saxophone.

'Face of Bangladesh 2019' has been organized to ensure the presence of Bangladeshi models in the world and fashion world modeling. The round five rounds of the country's top five models are set in rounds. The contestants seized their number from local and foreign judges by examining their own talent, beauty and fashion consciousness. The five contestants will go to South Korea. Walk on the main episode of the 14th edition of 'Asia Model Festival' organized on the ramp. More than 100 contestants from 27 countries in Asia will join.

Bangladesh's first global platform 'Face of Bangladesh' to highlight the young generation of Bangladesh in the world fashion and modeling world. The organization is hosting the company CrossWalk Communication, Citizen's Television and Korea Company Corban Company Limited.

On this occasion, the judge was poet and fictionist Anisul Huq, the artistic expert Kaniz Almas Khan, Chief of the Citizen Television, Abdun Noor Tushar, and Korean Uji Yong, Mundai Jing and Ansu King. Crosswac Communication, host of the tournament in Bangladesh.

'Face of Bangladesh 2019' is in collaboration with Prothom, Persona, Canvas, Meridian and Radio ABC.