Saturday, April 20, 2019

April 20, 2019

The demand to remove discrimination in terms

Khulna has a human chain demanding the change of the post of assistant assistant and high officials of different government organizations to the administrative officer. Today, Khulna Divisional Committee of the Unity Council of Bangladesh Administrative Officer Implementation of the human chain by the human chain in Picture Palace on Saturday. The central president of the organization. In the chairmanship of Basharul Huq general secretary. Shahidullah, the head of the government departments, high officials and high officials of the association participated. Speakers of the human chain said that the rank and post of the Chief Assistant, High Quality Assistant and Assistant post and salary scale of government departments inside and outside the Bangladesh Secretariat was one and the same.

Despite this, in 1995, 1997 and 1999, the government issued a notification and upgraded only the posts of secretariat and changed the post of administrative officer. The title was upgraded to the tenth grade on the national pay scale. As a result, the postal and wage discrimination among government departments has been created. In this continuation, those posts of Public Service Commission, University Grants Commission, Bangladesh Supreme Court and Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation have also been upgraded. But those posts in other offices of the National Salary Scale have remained the same as before.

The speakers said that the government has already upgraded the post of senior assistant, assistant assistant teacher of government secondary school, primary school teacher, block supervisor of agricultural department, diploma engineer of engineering department, nurse, auditor, food inspector, police department inspector and sub-inspector Has done. And the administrative order has broken down. The less educated qualified people have been elevated. That is why the next generation is losing interest in higher education.

They immediately demanded the termination of the term for discrimination. Like other departments, call them to be upgraded as administrative officer. They think they will also get rid of wages due to their remuneration removed.
April 20, 2019

Three students are lifelong five expelled for one year

Three students of Jessore Science and Technology University have been expelled for life and five for one year. On Saturday, the decision was taken against eight students of the 54th meeting of the highest policy forum Forum Regent Board on Saturday for violating misconduct and disciplining teachers. The expelled students are BCL activists and supporters. The students expelled from the university are Humayra Azmira Arin, Ekramul Kabir Island and Md. Humayra Azmira, a post-graduate student of Fisheries and Marine Bioscience department. Roknuzzaman.

Asif Al Mahmud, a graduate student of Physical Education and Sports Department, was expelled for one year. Matsusin Billah, Mahmudul Hasan Shakib of Fisheries and Marine Bioscience Department, Nishat Tasnim, a student of Computer Science and Engineering Department, and Harunor Rashid, a student of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Excluded students can not stay at any of the universities and their ban on admission to the university campus has been banned. Humayra Azmira, the general secretary of Sheikh Hasina Hall branch of BCL and expelled one year for Asif al-Mahmud, is the president of the BCL unit of physical education and sports science department. Others are BCL activists and supporters.

A press release from the university has been told that the university authorities have been expelled as evidence against the anti-ragging anti-ragging festoons-posters and tearing of notices, insulting the university logo and misappropriation of teachers against the teachers. Apart from the recommendations of the investigation committee considering the extent of the crime, the students of the Regent Board Fisheries and Marine Bioscience Department, Heart Rahat, Sheikh Sharif Uddin, Sukanta Kumar Roy, Md. Jahid Hassan and a student of Physical Education and Sports Science Department said. Sohel decided to give Rana a final warning. However, the decision of the people, whose final warning has been made, will be expelled immediately if any of them are involved in any anti-government activities.

Besides, it has been decided to terminate the university's central library employee Rakib Rahman as a student of the university has proven to be mentally harassed and sexually assaulted.

Earlier, in the 53rd meeting of the Regent Board, an investigation committee headed by professor Shariful Enamul Kabir of Jahangirnagar University was formed to investigate the situation arising out of the campus on the posting of anti-rogging posters from 4th to 12th January. Based on the recommendation of the committee's report, the decision to expel at the 54th meeting of the Regent Board of the University was taken. At the same time ban on ragging outside the campus and campus has been announced.

Vice-chancellor presided over the regent board. Anwar Hossain. Treasurer Professor Abdul Majid, Jessore-3 MP Kazi Nabil Ahmed, Additional Secretary of Education Ministry Jabed Ahmed, Chief Scientific Officer of Jessore Regional Agricultural Research Institute Gobinda Chandra Biswas, Former Vice Chancellor of Sylhet Agricultural University Golam Shahi Alam, Professor of Chemistry at Jahangirnagar University Sharif Enamul Kabir, Ibrahim Cardiac Ha Professor Md Sapadal and Research Institute Chief Executive Officer. Abdur Rashid, chairman of Fisheries and Marine Bioscience Department of the university Anisur Rahman, Department of Chemistry Biplob Kumar Biswas, Chairman of the Department of Microbiology Professor Md. Iqbal Kabir Zahid, Principal of Government MM College Abu Taleb Mia, Principal of Government City College Abu Torab Mohammad Hasan, Registrar Engineer Ahsan Habib, University.

According to the university sources, a festoon boat symbol was hanging on the university campus on December 30, the election of the Jatiya Sangsad. On January 7 beside the festoon, the university opened a festoon anti-ragging program. Some BCL leaders torn off the festoon. The former general secretary of district unit BCL and Sadar Upazila Parishad's newly elected vice-chairman Anwar Hossain threatened the teachers of the Department of Microbiology and Professor Iqbal Kabir Zahid, the chairman of the university's university unit, as a 'razakars' in the mobile phone. After protesting against the incident, Chhatra League leaders and activists attacked the human chain after the human chain of the campus, led by Sheikh Hasina Hall unit general secretary Humayu Ajmera. In protest, the teachers organized a movement demanding three-point demand in all departments of the university and boycotting the examination. Most of the teachers gave the letter of resignation to the Chairman's post. From that time the teachers were carrying out the movement program. The investigation committee was formed in this incident. After three months of the incident, the university administration decided to expel the BCL leaders and workers.

Additional police have been deployed so that there is no unpleasant incident on the campus.
April 20, 2019

May be the mayor depends on the Prime Minister

Chairman of Chittagong Development Authority (CDA) Abdu Salam said that the future of the Chittagong City Corporation mayor will not be based on the party chief and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. However, the dream of a political worker is to become a member of parliament, minister and upazila chairperson. And as long as people live, they have a dream. In response to queries from journalists on Saturday afternoon, CDA chairman Abdus Salam said this.

The meeting was organized at the Hotel Well Park in his family owned GEC Indoor in Chittagong City. Chittagong City Awami League Treasurer Abdouk Salam has stepped down from the post of Chairman of the CDA on 23 April after completing 10 years of office. Chhatra Nagar Awami League Vice-Chairman M Zahirul Alam Doubsh will take charge of the new chairman.

Asked whether he would dream of being mayor of Chittagong in future, CDA Chairman Abdus Salam said, "I had no such dream that I would be the chairman of the CDA. Opportunity is very important. When I get the job, I will continue to do that. No terms are available on the basis of choice or unwillingness. It depends on people's mandates and government decisions. The leader (Prime Minister) wishes, whether or not I will be the Mayor, depends on what my leader wants. The opportunity is actually Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah does not have the opportunity I have no pain. '

In the Chittagong City Corporation elections on April 28, 2015, Abdur Salam tried to get nomination as mayor. But the nomination of the corporation corporation mayor elected Nagar Awami League General Secretary AJM Nasir Uddin. Then there were differences between the two organizations.

Meanwhile, the current mayor will end in July next year. There is an obligation of election within 180 days of the expiration date. Accordingly, the city corporation elections will be held between February and July next year.

Responding to another question at the meeting, city's Awami League Treasurer Abdouk Salam said, "There is a dream of a political worker to become MP, to be a minister, to be chairman of the upazila chair-councilor. I also wanted to be a MP, I fought for that. But why did Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina choose me as the chairman of the CDA, I do not know. '

Before becoming the CDA chairman, Salam wanted the nomination of Awami League from Chittagong-8 (Boalkhali-Chandgaon) constituency in the 2008 parliamentary elections. But the seat then left Jasad Moin Uddin Khan Badal, the Awami League. In the Tenth and Eleventh National Parliament elections, Badal won the election by casting a boat symbol.

During the last ten years, he has worked in four important issues, said Abdouk Salam. These are water logging and traffic congestion, world-class tourism cities and Chittagong as commercial capital.

The work of four projects of three organizations is going on at Tk 10 billion to reduce the waterlogging. The CDA chairman said that if these projects are implemented, Chittagong City citizens get rid of the damages of water logging within three to four years. However, this year, water logging is not possible.

The CDA chairman did not agree to comment on the criticisms of Chittagong-bound flyovers. His claim, now flyers are responding to criticism.

During the discharge, the construction of 5 new roads and extension of 100 kilometer road has been stated, the CDA chairman said. Work to build world-class tourist centers in Patenga beach area of ​​the city.

Asked whether there is any failure during the duties, chairman Abdus Salam said that people do not see any failure in their work. Others will judge it.

New chairman of CDA M Zahirul Alam expressed the hope that the Prime Minister's decision will prove to be right, the outgoing chairman said. He assured them of all-round cooperation.

CDA board member and corporation councilor Giasuddin and Hasan Murad Biplob, architect Ashik Imran, Mohammad Jasim Uddin Shah, KBM Shahjahan, MA Azim and Rumana Nasrin were present at the meeting.
April 20, 2019

Khaleda Zias media created in parole Fakhrul

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said BNP has never demanded the release of Khaleda Zia in parole. These media are created. Through the democratic movement, Khaleda Zia will be released. Today, on Saturday afternoon, in the speech of Chief Guest, Monirul Haque Chowdhury, a former MP of Noagaon area of ​​Comilla City Corporation, Mirza Fakhrul Islam said this as the chief guest. The program was organized on the occasion of exchange of greetings and payments to the leaders and workers of the eleventh parliamentary elections in Comilla-10 (Nangalkot, Sadar South and Lalmai) seats.

Talking to journalists before the start of the ceremony, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that the BNP has never asked for release of Khaleda Zia's parole. It is not right that Khaleda Zia will be released on parole after six elected MPs join the parliament. These are media interchangeable conversations. BNP leader Khaleda Zia did not talk about the release of parole. These are being said in the media.

Regarding the release of Khaleda Zia, Fakhrul said, the government is not offering Khaleda Zia to the desired quality. Awami League government is more dangerous than dictatorship So, not by blocking the strike, Khaleda Zia will be liberated through democratic movement.

Mirza Fakhrul Islam said that BNP does not believe that the BNP has lost its election in the Eleventh Parliament. If we did not go to the polls, then Awami League was a publicly divided political party, it would not have been proved to the people. Through the eleventh parliamentary elections, it has been proved that Awami League is a bankrupt party. They forced the way for the establishment of BAKSH. He said, Awami League has grabbed the right to vote. Democracy has ended. Awami League has become a bankrupt company after being divorced. Awami League ended the consciousness of the war of liberation, which was fought in 1971.

Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, with the treatment of Khaleda Zia, said that Khaleda Zia was sent to Keraniganj before being completely cured, or planned to harm her plannedly. The government has lingering with her medical care. He said BNP, party's acting chairman Tarique Rahman and Monirul Haque Chowdhury will be with the families of those who were killed, wounded and assaulted in Comilla-10 constituency elections in the Eleventh Jatiya Sangsad elections.

BNP leader Bachchu Mia, who was killed in an attack by Awami League leaders and workers in the Konkola Government Primary School polling station of Nangalkot upazila of Comilla on the eleventh parliament election. In today's ceremony, 50 thousand rupees were handed over to BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman in the hands of late wife Kamla Begum. Apart from BNP chairperson's adviser Monirul Haque Chowdhury, the BNP leader Ershad Mia, Monir Hossain, Kamal Hossain, Shahjahan Mollah and Najib Ahmed were also given cash in the Goal Mothan area. In total, financial assistance of 15 thousand rupees was given to each of the 95 damaged leaders and workers of Nangalkot, Comilla Sadar South and Lalmai upazila.

Earlier, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul had called at a grave of the leader of a labor leader in Mukam area of ​​Burichang upazila in the afternoon. Meanwhile, BNP central executive committee vice-president Shawkat Mahmud was present in the meeting with him. At this time, Fakhrul Islam addressed a roadshow in Kabila area.

Presided over by Saima Ferdous Chowdhury, daughter of Monirul Haque Chowdhury, the director of International Business Department of Dhaka University, Kabir Murad, Additional Secretary of the central executive committee Mostaq Mia and Abdul Awal Khan, public education secretary Selim Bhuiyan, central committee member Mostafa Khan Safari, Syed Jahangir Ahmed and others. Ekramul Haque At Nanglokot, leaders of Sadar South and Lalmai Upazila BNP and associate organizations were present.
April 20, 2019

BNP looked at Khaleda Zia

The issue of going to the parliament from the opposition to the oath, as the lawmaker, has come to the forefront now. The elected people want to go to parliament But waiting for the sign of the party. With the oath, the issue of release of Khaleda Zia's parole has also come out. These two issues are now discussed in the BNP. Apart from this, issues related to the post of the party, the council of the party, the dispute with the current leadership are also discussed. There is a time for taking oath to take part in the Eleventh Parliament, till April 30. BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and six others were elected.

The remaining five candidates recently met the secretary general of Gulshan office and asked about the release of the oath, party and leader. The Secretary-General told them to wait. But no decision has been made. The two leaders responsible for the BNP's first election are reluctant to disclose the name, the BNP's acting chairman, Tarique Rahman, and now those who are leading the country, will not be able to offer any solution to these issues. The party has now looked at Khaleda Zia. If the MPs are in jail, but the MPs of the MPs or their parole or the government are trying to reconcile any issue under the screen, then the main signal will come from Khaleda Zia. But no specific decision came from the BNP chairperson till now.

There has been a buzz of discussions with the government about the release of Khaleda Zia and the BNP going to parliament. Although the BNP is publicly flouting the issue as rumor. BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia and BNP on account of some of the accounts are being sworn in. Within 11 days, the BNP will have to decide on the oath- this party will go to the Parliament for the sake of any conditions, compromises or electors; The question arose. As part of the negotiation with the government, discussions about the release of Khaleda Zia's parole have emerged. Awami League leaders say that it will be considered if the application for parole is done by the Khaleda. BNP leaders, on the other hand, say that the government has kept her in a false case and she is entitled to bail.

BNP standing committee member Leigh. General (retd.) Mahbubur Rahman said in the first light that Parliament is a big issue. There is a need for people to speak on behalf of the party. There have been many irregularities in the elections of the last parliament and the upazila elections, but we have to talk there. Near the end of taking oath. He said, if the team wants to go anyway, it will be in the meantime. And if that does not happen, the way it is going. About the release of Khaleda Zia's parole, the BNP leader said, everyone should be in the policy. But he also said, Khaleda Zia will have to make decisions in all circumstances.

The BNP chief met Khaleda Zia at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital in Baishakh with three top leaders of the party. Khaleda Zia did not make any decision, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam said. However, the next day, Mirza Fakhrul Islam told reporters that the issue of Khaleda Zia's parole was not a matter, it is Khaleda Zia and her family. So he did not discuss much with the party chairperson.

Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, however, thinks that Khaleda Zia is releasing government secretariat on the release of parole. Khaleda Zia's position is not the same.

Khaleda Zia, the vice-chairman Khandaker Mahbub Hossain, said long ago that if the government does not want Khaleda Zia to be released. At that time, the lawyer of Khaleda Zia brought forward the parole issue. BNP Chairperson Jail Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul told Khaleda Zia to take her abroad for better treatment. Although the statements of these two leaders made adverse reaction to the BNP. Then BNP leaders became vocal about the demand for release on bail of Khaleda Zia.

A BNP leader said on condition of anonymity that their party leaders can not take the right decisions all the time. Can not understand the real situation. The division between the people in the country who are leading the party is clear. The result can not be determined. The leader said, there may be talk of family and party leaders with BNP Chairperson at the Holy Shaw. There may be some discussion or final decision on there.

BNP Standing Committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy recently said in the first light, the liberation of Khaleda Zia parole is disrespectful. He has the right to bail regularly and there are many instances of this kind of bail in the country. He said, "I am not officially aware of the rumors going on in the parliament. But the decision to not go to parliament initially is in the party, 20-party alliance and national unity front.

However, there are differences. Someone of the leaders of the party believes that any decision needs to be made in the interest of BNP politics and the party. A source responsible for BNP said, Khaleda Zia will now have to make any decision in the interest of politics, party and organization. Many of the BNP leaders believe that the government will not release Khaleda Zia on bail. That is why parole has been brought forward. And Khaleda Zia and many leaders of the party did not agree on the release of parole. Now there is pressure on the team on various issues including the oath. BNP has been elected from the united front. There were two oaths of Ganapuream. Elections from the BNP also want to go to parliament. But they also say that the party does not want to go out of decision. They are looking at Khaleda Zia's bail. The elected members and the BNP leaders say that the issue of the release of Khaleda Zia is now dependent on the government and she will also have to take follow up steps.
April 20, 2019

Shabana meet in New York

Shabana, the legendary filmmaker of Dhaka cinema, is now seen as difficult. Some people say that he is now the moon of Eid. Suddenly peeps, and where else do they mix. Shabana, who passed away 19 years earlier, tried to come to the country every year. Return the necessary tasks to fly again. Last time he came to the country two years ago. Of course, the first light of the service is open to him. Then did not come again. Shawana was recently caught in New York by actress Misha Sodagir. Was accompanied by Shabana's husband film producer Wahid Sadiq.

Shabana is sitting on the queen acting of the millions of Bengalis, although she is farewell to acting So when he is seen somewhere, fans-visitors do not even have the interest of the media. After acting, Shabana is now a resident of New Jersey, USA. The husband and the child are staying there. If you are close to the country, you will meet with Shabana's family. Recently, Misha Sodagar went to the United States with many artists to participate in the Dhauliud Award. He returned to Dhaka last night. Before coming to the meeting on April 17 met Shabana and her husband. They eat dinner together in the Ozone Park area. On the way to Shabana's home and return to the hotel, Mashika kept New York moment in Selfi. Posting the image on Facebook, Misha wrote 'The Legend, The Lessons'.

In 1986, Misha Soudagar started acting in the film by competing with BFDC's 'new face search' competition. The first film director Chhotku Ahmed's 'Chetna'. Although acting as a hero in this film, he himself established himself as a villain. According to Mishra, the film 'Swami Ki Aasami', produced by Shabana, gives him the most popularity.

Misha said, 'My unborn loan to Shabana Apra He has played the biggest role in making me a successful mascot. Although I am out of the country, I have regular contact with his family. I did not want to miss the opportunity to spend time with them in the United States. I think, as long as I am with Apa and Dulabhai, I will learn a lot. Expressions of time spent with him can not be expressed.

At the age of eight years, Shabana named for the film. He worked as a child artist in the film 'New Surya' directed by Ehtesham. She then started acting heroine in the film 'Chanchoi'. The rest is history.
April 20, 2019

Swechchhasebak League leader cut the leg of the worker!

Brahmanbaria Banchcharampur Upazila Swechchhasebak League vice president Abul Bashar has been charged with cutting a leg of a worker. Police detained four people in this incident. But the original accused could not be arrested yet. The incident happened at Ruposadi village in the upazila on Friday afternoon.

The injured person's name is Kala Mia (45). In the same incident, his son Biplob Mia (19) was seriously injured and severely injured. The injured boy and son were admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. However, the volunteer League leader denied the charges brought against him. Locals, families of the injured and police sources said that Malik was having a dispute with Kala Mia for a long time with the opposition leader Abul Bashar. Three months ago, the houses of Kala Mia burnt in the fire on the incident of a robbery of Ruposadi village. In the incident, Kala Mia filed a case against the 15-20 people headed by Abul Bashar. From there, the beginning of the conflict between them. Then Kala Mia came to Dhaka with his family.

Recently they returned home. Salma Begum, wife of Kala Mia, said in the first light on Saturday, "I would urge my son to go to work due to the conflict of the two businessmen. Nevertheless, Bashar threatened. Later, we called for an arbitration meeting in the area. But not resolved. "Salma Begum also said her husband once used to work for Abul Bashar's team in the area. But after the house was burnt with the slander of theft, husband and son traveled with others. Abul Bashar could not accept this issue.

The alleged volunteer League leader Abul Bashar said on mobile phone, "I am staying in Dhaka. I cut the feet of Kala Mia, this allegation is not correct. As far as I could hear, he went to steal a house in our village. The people and the locals of the house beat him. But what happened next, I do not know.

Witnesses, families of injured and police sources said that on Friday afternoon, Abul Bashar and his people took Kala Mia and his son Biplob Mia from their house to Kandapara area of ​​Ruposadi village. Abul Bashar and his people beat Kala and his son in the street after killing him there. At one stage, the right leg of Kala Mia was cut off to the bottom of the knee. And his son Biplob was pierced under the right hand elbows. Later, the attackers cut off the veins of the two legs of the revolution.

Kala Mia, injured in the evening on Friday evening, told reporters, "Basha and his men from the house, take the dikaiya (bentaiya), give me Kunda Kupaiya kupayya dhoya powders (legs) knees up from the knees to the kita. I'll give back the heera or powda (foot) to fugue (dry). Abul Bashar, Dhan Mia, Moni member, Anar Hossain, Amadul, Ali and others, who are involved in cutting my legs (legs). '

Bancharampur Police Station Officer-in-Charge Md. Salahuddin Chowdhury said, "Police have conducted a manned search operation from last night till Saturday noon. It is medieval barbarism. Four suspects detained for interrogation Kala Mia's family has been asked to file a lawsuit. A SI has been sent to Dhaka to take the statement of the injured. "The OC also said that the clearest legs of Kala Mia have not yet been found. The operation is going on for foot.

On the other hand, Abul Bashar was expelled from the party post on Saturday night by a press release signed by the president of the Swachchasebak League, Hasan Bhuiyan and general secretary Al Amin at Bancharampur Upazila. Convener of the District Volunteer League and Vice Chairman of Sadar Upazila Parishad Lokman Hossain said in the first light that this was a very disgusting incident. Do not take any personal liability volunteer league. The party's image was damaged for such hateful acts.